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The word itself takes big worry for teenage because it is a big problem of teenage and adolescent half of the world. It is basically a condition of the skin where due to excess activity of sebaceous gland that leads to plug the pores of skin with dead skin and oil. It is basically the cosmetic problem that is a big worry for today's younger generation. Girls are more likely to be affected. We are shown to be a different kind of advertisement that helps to prevent ACNE.  It is the era of marketing today so different marketing companies show the different ADs. Like, use this FACEWASH. Use this SOAP. Use this FACEPACK etc. These products make their face more worst. WellBeing homeopathy clinic provides the best homeopathic treatment and remedies for acne in Melbourne, Australia.

1st of all Kindly concern that ACNE is not a big problem; you can treat well by simple methods and homeopathic medicines. Simply concern how acne is developed and what are the causes of it. Acne was not a big problem as before because the atmosphere is becoming polluted day by day. Ozone layer of the country degrading day by day. Different kind of Mine machinery also pollute the atmosphere and leads to develop acne.


  • Elevated sebum excretion is the main cause of acne. In the female there is Progesterone hormone increase the sebum secretion whilst estrogens reduce it, and in Male Androgens responsible for it.
  • Propionibacterium colonizes the pilosebaceous ducts and acts on fats to produce other inflammatory factors.
  • The last one is blockage of the pilosebaceous unit.

 So the over excretion then colonization and ultimately blockage.


Eruption usually limited to face, back, shoulder, upper chest, and back.

Basically, there are 3 types of acne.

  • Non-Inflammatory ACNE-There are two types -Blackheads and Whiteheads. Blackheads-plugging by keratin and sebum in Pilosebaceous pores of a face. Whiteheads-clogging of sebum and keratin deeper in pilosebaceous ducts.
  • Inflammatory ACNE-Red, Raised lesion filled with white pus in the center that may be Papules.
  • Nodular Cystic ACNE - Large, firm pimples that are greater than half a centimeter in diameter.These are painful lesion with developing scarring in future.


  • Acne fulminates - severe acne with fever and joint pain.
  • Acne Rosacea - Facial Eruption by erythema and pustules which usually seen in middle age.

Most common is Acne Vulgaris and we have to look for it which trouble for the teenage and adolescent.


Today acne becomes a big cosmetic problem for teenage and adolescent. So they try to run behind all possible treatment of it. After knowing what is acne exactly. Today with advance treatment like LASER therapy; Chemical peeling; different facial mask etc.. this treatment not only costly but also carries long-term complications. In a long time, it causes blemishes, spotting, pitting, redness etc..which makes face uglier than before. This kind of treatment provide good face earlier but later uglier.

Homeopathy treatment provides healthy skin without any side effects. It also helps to reduce excess oil secretion. 1st we should concern the cause of acne like PCOD or any underlying disease. The underlying disease should be cure first. This condition can be treat by constitutional medicines. It will stimulate the function of skin that will help to give a glorious shine. homeopathy helps to prevent scarring and reduces blemishes. It helps to reduce the severity of eruption.

Different people have a different kind of acne.As Homeopathy depends on Individualisation where different medicine acts on different people.some people have acne with dry skin;  acne with excessively oily skin; painful pustules eruption; Acne with itching; these all condition included in different medicines. homeopathy chooses uncommon symptoms with patient's lifestyle for their treatment. Certain mother tincture used to directly apply to face and certain medication used internally. We provide the Best homeopathic treatment and remedies for acne in Melbourne CBD, Australia. Start your online homeopathic treatment today!.