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Alopecia is one condition that seems to affect millions of people worldwide. This condition stimulates severe hair fall in small patches on the scalp. Surprisingly, this condition doesn't only results in hair loss on the scalp but extends to other parts of the body. WellBeing homeopathy clinic provides the best homeopathic treatment and remedies for alopecia in Melbourne, Australia.

In some cases, Alopecia causes total hair loss in every part of the body. This type of Alopecia is called Universalis Alopecia. Many factors could trigger Alopecia in both sexes, these factors include :

  • Hormones.
  • Genes.
  • Stress.
  • Fungal infections like dandruff.
  • Autoimmune disease.
  • Dyeing hair or bleaching.
  • Malfunctioning thyroid gland.

The main symptom of Alopecia is severe hair loss and in this case, hair falls out in small patches on the scalp. As mentioned earlier, hair loss may also extend to other parts of the body apart from the scalp.

Amazingly, severe hair loss from Alopecia can be corrected with the use of certain treatments and natural remedies. Therefore, it is possible to regrow hair in bald patches on the scalp and other affected body parts within few months. Notwithstanding, a small percentage of people having severe hair loss may not be able to regrow their hair.

This issue of hair loss (Alopecia) is a global cosmetic issue although it's prevalent in some countries than others. A good example of countries having a high rate of people suffering from Alopecia Areata is the Australia. Almost half of the country's population suffer from Alopecia including Indians living there. This racial group is exposed to alopecia caused by dandruff and some other factors like stress resulting from their hectic day-to-day activities, consumption of alcoholic drinks and junk foods which results into malnutrition, deficiencies in certain nutrients, digestive issues, hormonal imbalances.

All these factors combined together stimulates severe hair loss. In addition, Indians living in the Australia also stand a risk for Alopecia when they make use of shampoos containing harsh chemicals that strip the scalp clean of all moisture making it prone to frizz, hair breakage and hair loss.

In treating Alopecia Areata, there are various treatments options involving the use of over-the-counter drugs, therapies, and use of certain natural methods. However, these treatments only deal with Alopecia on the surface without treating it completely. To this end, they aren't effective enough or don't have a permanent solution in alleviating Alopecia. This is where Homeopathic treatments and remedies come in to offer a fast, effective and lasting cure for Alopecia symptoms and Alopecia itself.

At WellBeing Homeopathy Clinic, there's a big distinction between our treatments and that of other clinics. This is evident in the ways every patient is treated according to their immune system and then provided with the appropriate treatment that will go well with their immune system.

Patients are sure to receive only the best Homeopathic treatment and remedies when they choose to use WellBeing Homeopathy Clinic as their one-stop Clinic for all their treatment needs.

At WellBeing Homeopathy Clinic, here's a list containing some of the Homeopathic medicines used in alleviating Alopecia Areata, they include :

  • Fluoric Acid.
  • Graphite.
  • Phosphoric Acid.
  • Kali-carb.
  • Sepia.
  • Calcarea.
  • Lycopodium, and lots more.

Patients get the proper treatment and medication suited for their Alopecia. The best part is that there's the assurance of long-term relief and permanent cure from Alopecia. Yours deserve only the best treatment for keeping your body in good shape and you can get that and more when you patronize WellBeing Homeopathy Clinic in Melbourne. Start your online homeopathy treatment today!.