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An ear infection is a clinical condition in which a bacterial or viral infection affects the middle ear. Ear infections, if not treated in time, can be painful because of inflammation and fluid build-up in the middle ear.

Understanding Ear Infection

Middle ear infection or Otitis Media is a very common problem in the Australia. Although it can affect anyone, the young children and babies have a greater risk of developing an ear infection.

There are several types of ear infections which can be resolved by effective homeopathic treatment. Ear infection can have several origins as listed below-

  • Allergies or infections
  • Exposure to foreign bodies
  • Seasonal changes such as extreme cold

Causes of an ear infection

In most cases, an ear infection occurs when one of the Eustachian tubes, small tubes that run from each ear directly to the back of the throat, becomes inflamed, swollen or blocked causing fluid to build up in the middle ear.

Among the man causes of the blocking of the Eustachian tube are-

  • Certain types of allergies
  • Acute sinus infections, cold etc
  • Constant smoking
  • Changes in air pressure

Symptoms of Ear Infection

The most common symptoms of ear infection include-

  • Pain in the ear especially when lying down
  • Difficulty in sleeping
  • Sudden drainage of fluid from the ear
  • Difficulty in proper hearing
  • Other symptoms such as a headache, fever, loss of appetite, irritability etc

Risk factors for Ear Infections

Below are some of the common risk factors for ear infections-

  • Low air quality: One of the major risk factors of an ear infection is constant exposure to smoke or high levels of air pollution.
  • Age factor: In general, children up to 2 years of age are more susceptible to ear infections because of the underdeveloped immune system and the size and shape of their Eustachian tubes.
  • Seasonal factors: Ear infections are most common during particular seasons such as fall and winter when colds and flu are more prevalent. Additionally, people with seasonal allergies have a greater risk of contracting ear infections.

Homeopathic Treatment for Ear Infections

Homeopathic treatment for ear infection is highly effective with no side effects as all the medicines are made from natural substances and hence, are completely safe.

One of the main advantages of the Homeopathic treatment for ear infection is that this integrated approach works at identifying the very crux of the problem to make sure that the bacterial or viral infection is rooted out of the body completely and minimize the chances of recurrence.

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